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begins at 59 years. the younger someone was the sooner old age began. >> i don't agree with that. >> you would think they would say it is later. >> we told you about a survey that finds that the younger generation is rudeer and want to know what you thought. here's some responses. matthew says i have noticed the younger generation is ruder. it comes down to good parenting. >> i'm a young adult and find it appalling how my peers act. >> younger generations turn
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>> good morning. today is wednesday, january 2, 2013. with the threat of the fiscal cliff over, the president's vacation begins. he's headed to hawaii. what will this mean for our economy going forward? >> aloha, mr. president. meanwhile, juliet, lawmakers erupt in anger when the hurricane sandy relief bill didn't get acted on. >> absolutely indefensible. we have a moral obligation to hold this vote. >> this is an absolute disgrace. and the speaker should hang his head in shame. >>steve: that was a republican and a democrat. what went wrong and how long will the victims of sandy have to wait? even though congress can't agree, our congress is still united on one thing. football. today we're joined by two of our nation's greatest
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coaches. talk about notre dame facing alabama. "fox and friends" starts now. >>steve: hello there folks interested in the fiscal cliff on this second day. >>brian: why wouldn't they be. when you went to bed, john boehner served up two possibilities. one you could vote on the senate bill which passed overwhelmingly. two, the house might amend the senate bill and add a bunch of spending. he didn't have enough votes for that entree and in the end a whole bunch of republicans voted for the senate bill, although a whole bunch of republicans voted against the senate bill. it has passed.
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>>juliet: pretty amazing all the drama over the last 48 hours as opposed to nothing happening over the 48 years. let's take a breakdown. here's a look at how we break down the numbers. $622 billion is what we're seeing in new tax hikes, just $15 billion in spending cuts. we'll get more on that later. $1 spending cut for every $41 in tax hikes. that is pretty much what it amounts to. >>brian: the dollar in spending cuts for every $41 in tax hikes that is for the first year. in ten years it is going to be $1 worth of spending cuts for every $10 of tax hikes. for a lot of republicans, they go that is a lousy deal. >>brian: we're basically reviewing the same bill. there were two options, let's amend it and send it back is what eric cantor and others wanted. the problem with sending it
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back is there would be no one to send it to. the senate left the building. the house would have gone back and said we're going to keep our apbldz in. what speaker boehner did is join the minority of republicans. he voted, so 85 republicans said yes, but 172 said no. essentially they violated their own unwritten hastert rule and used the majority of democrats to pass this bill. longtime conservatives see it as a rau for the president. >>steve: even in the leadership of the republican party you've got john boehner and paul ryan voting for it. then you've got eric cantor, the majority whip, voting against it. at the core, all the republicans had to hold their nose because they do not as a party like the idea of taxes going up on anybody. now the way it stands is if you are very successful and you make at least $400,000
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a year, your taxes are going to go up to about 40%. for everybody watching this program now, your payroll taxes are going up. last year it was about 4.2% exactly, and starting this morning it's going to be 6.2% because they did not carve out 2%. keep in mind, the payroll tax hike is what funds social security. >>brian: you can't take too long of a holiday. social security is underfunded to begin with. most of us are counting on it for when we retire. that seemed to, everyone agree we should let that evaporate but we're going to feel that if you are a wage earner. >>juliet: whenever you talk about tax hikes and taxes, it comes down to your personal definition of what is fair share. let's hear what the president had to say on his principle. >> today's agreement enshrines, i think, a principle into law that
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will remain in place as long as i am president. the deficit needs to be reduced in a way that's balanced. everyone pays their fair share. everyone does their part. that's how our economy works best. that's how we grow. >>steve: the good news for the republicans is the president had ran on the theory, okay, in my second term i'm going to raise rates on millionaires and billionaires. and mitt romney is a horrible person. you can't possibly elect him. >>brian: mitt romney is the guy with the car elevator and the dancing horse. >>steve: what this is going to do is this is going to take away from the president because we have raised taxes on the most successful, that particular argument. the republicans stand for this. looming ahead is a gigantic show down overt sequester, gigantic budget cuts. >>brian: two months. >>steve: plus the debt ceiling. the republicans feel they have the upper hand on
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that. meanwhile, we've got a little montage of some of the tempers flaring and nostrils as well on capitol hill as lawmakers made the sausage known as the cliff bill. listen. >> because of what we're not doing, i cannot believe that this tax cut will in fact be followed with the spending cuts to offset any part of the -- sorry the $4 trillion we're putting on the backs of future generations. i thank all of you who will vote for it. i cannot bring myself to vote for it tonight. >> this legislation is far from perfect, and the process that has led us here is an utter disgrace. yet in this time of crisis, we must act first and foremost to try to protect the american economy, and today's legislation will do that. >>brian: two people who will be joining us voted against it. darrell isss said we can't go ahead with this. in the big picture, i'm
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amazed by one scenario. mitch mcconnell says we have to wait to fight another day. senator lindsay graham told you we have to wait to fight another day. and the president told you that debt ceiling fight? not having it. you can't refuse to fight. the ring is there. the bell will go off. >>steve: if you're the president you don't want that fight bought that is going to be a hraougs hand. >>brian: there is no tax increase sunsetting. >>juliet: let's talk about what congress is doing post this situation, the fiscal cliff. this is a rasmussen report poll how do you rate the way congress is doing its job? 69% says poor. that pretty much says it all. 5% says good or excellent. i'd love to meet those 5%. >>steve: for a lot of months a lot of people, observers of washington said there is a real possibility we could wind up with a grand bargain
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where we saw $4 trillion off of our debt and deficit. it didn't happen. the problem for the president is he's got some stuff he wants to get done before he assumes lame-duck status. and because this fight was contentious, and in particular with the president going into the briefing room of the eisenhower executive office building on monday afternoon, there are a lot of hurt feelings on both sides of the aisle regarding this. if the president is going to use -- he's going to need some republicans for immigration reform and energy stuff and starting the way it did, it's going to be some tough -- >>brian: he wants the house for his last two years. that would counteract his lame-duck status. his goal is to divide the house and this is the first thing he's gotten past since the republicans took control. >>juliet: we have an author who wrote a book about what he thinks is
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left out of the fiscal cliff. some of the numbers are very interesting. >>brian: he also has a wonderful singing voice. he's got a christmas album. >>steve: we've got a busy three hours. we set the table for you. plus, as if that's not enough, if you're looking for love in 2013, we've got the guy who started eharmony. >>juliet: woef got the queen -- we've got the queen anchor in new york. she wrote a book and will be here in a bit. some of the headlines, the fiscal cliff vote wasn't the only drama in the house of representatives. late last night anger erupted on the floor after lawmakers learned there would be no vote on an age package for superstorm sandy victims. new york and new jersey representatives were expecting a vote before the term ends tomorrow but republican leaders ended the session prompting outraeupbl from both>> everybode
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rules except tonight when the rug was played out from under us. indefensible. we have a moral obligation to hold this vote. >> mr. speaker, we cannot turn our backs on our citizens who need us. >> i have to go home and tell them their new year's gift is they're going to wait even longer -- even longer -- for something they should have had over a month ago. >> this is an absolute disgrace, and the speaker should hang his head in shame for not allowing this to come up. >>juliet: i guess the images and the stories weren't enough for these people. all you have to do is show up in one of these neighborhoods to see how important this vote was. that's just my. the senate passed a $06 billion aid package friday to help parts of new york and new jersey rebuild from the storm. parents and children in newtown, connecticut, are bracing for another difficult day. the students who survived the school massacre three weeks ago are heading back to class tomorrow. an open house is being held today at a temporary school set up in the neighboring
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town of monroe. the kids are not of course going to be returning to sandy hook. the school says it's going to help in the recovery process, reconnecting students with their friend and teachers, and try to get them to return to somewhat of a normal routine. a photographer following justin bieber's ferrari trying to get pictures of the star has been killed. it happened on a los angeles highway. the paparazzi got out of his car to shoot the ferrari which had been pulled over by the cops. while crossing the street the man was hit by another car. bieber wasn't even in the ferrari. a friend was driving. president obama's e.p.a. chief quit because she finally plans to -- he, the president, plans to finally approve the keystone pipeline. an exclusive report in "the new york post" says she, lisa jackson, resigned in protest. the president previously rejected the plans for the pipeline.
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but jackson said he could approve the plan as soon as march or april. a spokesman for jackson said she resigned for new challenges and reports based on anything else are entirely false. >>brian: 12 minutes after the top of the hour on this wednesday. don't tell this guy al qaeda is on its heels. terrorists put a massive bounty on a u.s. ambassador's head. >>brian: markets are reacting last night. we'll go to stuart varney to see if europe's response is indicative of what the u.s. response will be on the market today. as stuart swag tkpwers in for the -- as stuart swaggers in for the new [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪
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>>brian: overseas stock markets seem to be breathing a sigh of relief after u.s. lawmakers struck a deal to avert the fiscal cliff. >>steve: this is great news considering world markets fell briefly during trading yesterday. investors around the world weren't confident this deal would get done. despite congress's last second deal there is still an overwhelming feeling by some that the united states is becoming more like europe and greece, and big trouble broke out. >>brian: one of them, lindsay graham yesterday told us this. >> we're destroying the american dream. in 2037 the debt is going to be twice the size of our economy. social security and medicare are going bankrupt. we're burning through money. every child in america born owes $50,000 on the date of their birth. mr. president, embrace big bipartisan ideas as the first time in your life, go down in history as an historic president. don't be so small-minded.
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man up here. be the president the country wants you to be. do something with plea and others to save this country from becoming greece. we're running out of time, mr. president. >>brian: don't hold your breath. if we're becoming more and more like europe like senator graham indicates, is it possible we could seep riots in the street? let's join us with stuart varney. what do you think? >> i came here 40 years ago to escape what's going on over there. i now found my adopted country is becoming more like over there. senator graham is right. america, this fiscal cliff deal puts america more firmly on the road to becoming like europe in every aspect. we are becoming europeanized. our economy, our morality, even our culture is becoming more and more like europe. look at this fiscal cliff deal for a second. there's no control of spending, just like europe. tax the rich, just like europe. bigger role for government, just like europe. cradle to grave social
3:18 am
services, preserved, maintained and enhanced just like europe. but not paid for. evermore debt. even the president's own plan suggested this fiscal cliff deal will add $4 trillion to our total debt. that's just piling it up and piling it up. we cannot pay it. at some point the crunch comes just like it happened already in europe. >>brian: the republican chairman of the ways and means committee said i vote yes because this is the largest tax cut in history, it keeps the bush tax rates, makes them permanent except those that make over $400,000. >> it's not a cut in taxes. it's maintaining current tax rates for people except for wealthier people whose tax rate goes up. to convert this into a tax cut is pure spinning with words. it's not a tax cut. as of right now everybody who works is going to pay more in tax because the payroll tax has gone up. everybody who makes over a certain amount of money will pay more in tax.
3:19 am
everybody who buys a medical device, granny's hip, for example, pays more in tax. wealthy people pay more in medicare tax. taxes have gone up across the board. >>steve: this particular fiscal cliff deal comes at a $4 trillion price tag over ten years, and there aren't enough spending cuts. one thing about europe, i get all the parallels, but there's one thing different about the united states and europe and that is there is a party in the unicameral government that is opposed to this. >> that is true. but i am not going to do a piers morgan. i am not leaving the united states of america despite what's happening here. i'm staying. i've got skin in the game. and i would like to see things turn around. >>brian: no gun law is going to keep you from staying in the united states of america? >> i'm a second amendment supporter. >>brian: and you like it here? >> i love it here. >>brian: and you don't spend time criticizing the country, just pointing out
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things bothering you. thank you for coming. >>steve: check out his show on fox business, starts exactly three hours and one minute from now. straight ahead, he's no stranger to police, the nba under arrest again, yet again and again. >>brian: she's an anchor, mom and friend of us. ms. aerbgs is a chef. she's here with the one thing you can do starting today to stay lean for life. good morning. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head?
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>>steve: did i say unicameral? i meant bicameral. quick headlines for you.
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another legal problem for latrell spreewell. he was arrested for disorderly conduct after complaints about loud music at a house. you may remember he attacked and choked former warriors head coach carlisimo in 1997. at a new year's eve heist in paris, thieves making off with over $1 million in apple products from apple's flagship store. police say armed robbers took advantage of officers patrolling new year's eve celebrations elsewhere in the city to break into the store. >>juliet: after spending the holidays overeating, many americans making new year's resolutions obviously to lose weight. like a reset button but it rarely works because we blow it off. but there is a way to pull it off so you can look and feel great in less than two weeks. i know this is true because my friend and colleague is here and she works for our sister station in new york,
3:25 am
fox 5 wnew. a trained chef? i had no idea. >> i know. we talk about so many other things when we see each other. >>juliet: the gist here is people try to go on diets and we say we're going to exert but we never end up doing it because it seems insurmountable. >> we make it as a big, huge challenge. we put crazy pressures on ourselves and set up a diet that is impossible to stick to. if we could just appreciate food and appreciate food in its natural form. that is what clean eating is about. ditch the sauces and all the crazy stuff we put on foods and eat things normal. >>juliet: in the morning people are always talking about cleaning. first of all, this is key. you have some commandments. number one, feed your body every three hours. very important? >> the reason why that's so important is you want to keep your metabolism
3:26 am
working throughout the entire day. the other issue with that is is you don't want to get to -- there is a point, we know from being on television, you do a show, you run to something else. in six hours you're starving. you're desperate. whatever it is that you can grab, you go through a drive-through. if you have stuff with you and you can constantly kind of forage a little bit all day long, you'll never get to the point where you're starving and allow yourself to make good choices. >>juliet: lead protein, complex fats in every meal. people forget avocado, good fat. >> very good fat. your brain craves it. you need it. if you eat that good fat, you're not going to eat bad fat. >>juliet: avoid heavily processed foods. >> all the things you get in the snack aisles, stuff that's like dried, even dried apples, that's kind of processed. why not eat a regular apple? so much better for you.
3:27 am
>>juliet: you cannot obsess about calories. calories and fat grams. listen to you, not obsess about those things. >> listen to yourself. make sure you're full. you never want to starve yourself because that is sabotage. obsessing about calories is so ridiculous, i think. some people need to live that way, need to have a system of accounting. i think if you can relax and enjoy the good food you're eating you're going to be full and not have to worry about that. >>juliet: you really do have to read this book because it says things that are very obvious and some things are not obvious. >> it is kind of a road map. it is not the bible. it's a road map. it kind of puts you in the right place and then you go off on your own and tailor things the way you like to. >>juliet: you have pantry partners. >> pantry partners are basically if you're going to eat you need flavor. when we go on a diet we assign ourselves to this bland stuff. some of my favorite stuff is, if you like to sweeten things up, i love agave.
3:28 am
it's a syrup and sweetens up food. you can put it in absolutely anything. it's a replacement and it's all natural. it's not like one of those sweeteners that's questionable. this is cinnamon. sin more is really good -- this is cinnamon. cinnamon is really good. these are cinnamon sticks. you can get powdered cinnamon. the other thing that i love if you like spicy food, a little bit of cayenne pepper, really good, really hot. i love these liquid aminos. it's a liquid protein that is made from soybeans. it's yummy and kind of like a soy sauce replacement. if you are conscious of your salt, think about this. >>juliet: this is an example of one of your meals. this is a shrimp wrap. we're going to have the
3:29 am
recipe on our website. it's very simple. shrimp, sprouts, obviously lime. looks like there is some sauce on that. >> you can wrap them up andy kih accompaniments you want. tomatoes, scallions, anything you like. load it with nice, fresh vegetables. saute it with shrimp, bean sprouts. >>juliet: people buy this book. dari is a very talented person. don't tell this guy al qaeda is on its heels. terrorists placed a bounty on a u.s. ambassador's head. details next. the cat's out of the bag. the government now telling people how many cats you're allowed to have. first, happy birth day to dancing with the stars
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>>brian: details emerging that the life of another ambassador may be at risk. al qaeda terrorists offering a gold bounty for the killing of our ambassador to yemen. >> brian, al qaeda and the
3:33 am
arabian peninsula is telling terrorists they will pay three key lows of gold to whoever kills the u.s. ambassador to yemen. ambassador firestein is a father of three who has been a diplomat since 1975 and served previously in pakistan, tunesia, saudi arabia, oman and israel. the bounty is on the table for six months and a middle east research institute has been tracking several twitter accounts being used by al qaeda in the arabian peninsula to spread the word about this offer to assassinate firestein. on twitter these terrorists have been using a hash tag that translates to al qaeda's reward. in addition to this $160,000 bounty for the ambassador, there is a separate $23,000 bounty being offered to anyone who kills an american soldier in yemen.
3:34 am
the middle east media research institute points out that social media is becoming more and more popular with these terrorists because the forums they had been using on-line are being shut down and this news about a bounty on the head of a u.s. ambassador in yemen comes a little less than four months after the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, was murdered along with three other americans during a deadly raid on the u.s. consolate in benghazi, libya. a state department spokesman would not comment to bloomberg news about whether or not ambassador firestein's security has been enhanced since these threats were made. >>juliet: i certainly hope so. >>steve: yemen is a tough gig. 27 minutes before the top of the hour. here's news. >>juliet: kids in one new jersey town will arrive at school this morning with armed guards on patrol. the marlboro school district already has tight security measures but decided armed guards in every building were necessary after the tragedy at sandy hook.
3:35 am
it's getting mixed feelings from parents. >> i think it's a good idea after the shooting up in connecticut, and just to make the kids feel a little bit safer. >> we should be getting guns off the street instead. this way we won't need the armed guards in schools. >>juliet: the superintendent says the guards will only be in schools for the next three months while the board finds a more cost effective way to keep schools safe. >>steve: ao bizarre standoff in california between cops and a naked guy with a samurai sword. people in san jose called the police when they saw a guy saying he was holding a rifle. when the cops showed up he jumped in his car and drove off. luckily he surrendered and nobody was hurt. it is not known why he did it. >>brian: try to get to the bottom of that. he crashed his car through a tv station's front door twice. now cops in texas want to arrest him for stalking a reporter that works there.
3:36 am
a local tv news reporter and is said to be fearing for her life. she has had a restraining order out for christopher olson since 2007 but cops say for the past two months he has been following her to and from work and calls her constantly. a warrant is out for his arrest. >>juliet: talk about the right place at the right time. a pilot flying a private plane over his florida home spots a man lurking around his property. the pilot hovered over him after realizing the guy was trying to break in. >> making a tight circle around our property here watching him from the air. he was clearly looking at us several times. looked up. >>juliet: the pilot followed the man after he took off with his tow trailer and after landing called police. the alleged prowler has been caught and faces a grand theft charge. can you imagine looking up, you're like --
3:37 am
>>steve: there's a guy breaking into my garage. meanwhile, if you have a garage, you might need to get the shovel out. let's find out where it's raining and snowing. rain from the mid-atlantic down through the gulf coast of texas, l.a., alabama and mississippi. shower activity in portions of the northern plains. as you head out the door on this wednesday that's going to feel like a monday to a lot of you, it's 3 below in caribou, maine. 17 in minneapolis. baker's dozen in chicago and in cleveland. here in the big town of new york city only 22. double that and you've got 44. that is what it is currently in raleigh durum. today it will eventually be freezing in new york, it will be 1 in caribou. almost two dozen in minneapolis and in rapid city. out in denver, front range of the rockies, they'll have 30. across much of texas they'll be in the 40's. gulf coast a few 50's in spots like new orleans. in tampa --
3:38 am
>>juliet: let's head there. >>steve: that's the spot to be. looks like their daytime high will be 75. let's talk orange bowl. >>brian: the super bowl will be in new orleans unless they decide to change venues at the last minute and move to illinois. the bowl championship was no match for florida state in the orange bowl. touchdown would be the score. seminoles storm past the huskies 31-10. let's talk about the rose bowl. alvarez back on the sidelines stepping in for their coach who left for arkansas. looking for the first rose bowl win in 40 years. would lead by as much as 14 in the first half but wisconsin would come back. in the fourth wisconsin down by six. curt phillips throws the i.n.t. stanford squeaks by to win.
3:39 am
it's the slam dunk for love. popping the big question at center point. he scored a quick yes. the crowd cheering for the alley-oop. prince teammates rushed over to join in the celebration. they weren't really welcome giving him high five's. iowa state beat alabama 86-47. a day they will never forget. we'll monitor their marriage. >>steve: speaking of the ultimate reality, new laws went into effect officially at midnight yesterday. we told you about a couple of these. let's start with one out in colorado. remember they had out there the amendment 54 which legalized an ounce of pot. now they've got bring your own pot to clubs clubs going on. in fact, over new year's eve they had one place called club 64 named after the amendment, where people
3:40 am
gathered at a predisposed place and they smoked pot. you had to bring your own. potluck. >>brian: kansas is acting on something for the people of kansas, new cat restrictions. wellington, kansas, restricts the number of cats to only four in any house because they had 231 cats euthanized at the local shelters. they don't want a problem there again. imagine if you had five cats on december 31. what do you do? flip a coin. >>juliet: i would imagine it would be grandfathered in. >>brian: chris was watching the marathon yesterday. did they have anything about the cat law? >> no. >>juliet: we'll call our kansas -- wait a second. >> wellington kansas, south of wichita. in illinois, a $1,000 fine if you pop a wheelie on a
3:41 am
motorcycle. in massachusetts, where they're very big -- where they're all about the recycling, in concord, massachusetts, plastic bottles as of today -- >>juliet: the single ones. >>steve: are contraband. those little individual bottles. >>brian: you know what you got to do there? water fountain, foot pedal and cup your hands. you'll never get a full cup. if you watch the old cowboy indian movies, they used to go to the stream and shovel it into their mouths. they never complained and there was no litter. >>juliet: you put your hand up. it's a double little -- >>brian: a little drool bucket. >>steve: e-mail us. do you have a new year's resolution? is it to lose weight? perhaps you're one of the oddballs who wants to start smoking this year.
3:42 am
because so many people say i'm going to stop. go counter clockwise. what sort of new year's resolution do you think the u.s. congress should make? if you e-mail us some right now, we'll share them in about an hour from now. >>juliet: do you guys make resolutions? >>brian: i might do something father jonathan said. write down things that other people should change about themselves. that's what he said. >>steve: you have to request it first. >>juliet: i gave you ideas. >>brian: right. not talk. it's tough to be on a talk show and not talk. they are two of the greatest coaches of all time and they are doing something awesome for our veterans. bobby and irving here next. >>juliet: willie wonka would not be happy. two men on the streets
3:43 am
dressed as upas. ♪ aww man. [ male announcer ] returns are easy with free pickup from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print, and have it picked up for free. any time of year. ♪
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nice sweater. thank you. ♪ thank you. avoid bad.fats. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing. so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like naturalrains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes tt are anxcellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch.
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>>juliet: welcome back. 6:44 east coast. the daring rescue of an air force crew. the coast guard rescued crew members from the shore of kodiak island. officials say there is no sign fuel spilled. willie wonka wouldn't be happy about this. police in england are on the lookout for a couple of these guys. ♪ >>juliet: two men dressed like oompas reportedly attacked a man at a restaurant leaving him with cuts and bruises. police guess attackers came from a christmas event. why would they be wearing
3:46 am
that at christmas? it's a halloween costume. >>brian: college football season is winding down but not before two of the biggest games of the year. tomorrow's fiesta game. it would better to talk about that than these two incredible coaches, bobby bowden and irving myer. before we talk about the games tomorrow, i'd like to talk about your surprise flag football game you guys pulled off for 27 unsuspecting men who serve our country. bobby, do you want to start? >> i'll start off. we had a surprise for some of our military men who came back to the united states after serving over in iraq, and had a football game. they were going to play a touch football game. just a regular game. tostitos had quite a few
3:47 am
surprises for them. they didn't know they were going to have a band at the game, that the stadium would be packed, the game would be on tv. they didn't know i would coach one team and irving the other team. it was a great surprise. it was called their homecoming party game. >>brian: you had marcus allen there. owen wilson there. he does a lot for the military myer, did you see any talent as these unsuspecting shareholder showed up to what they thought was a flag football game and ended up with 12,000 fans and two lendary lendary -- legendary coaches? >> i saw a bunch of eager people who were grateful for what tostitos. i saw guys enjoy themselves. to see the men and women of our military, the faces, the look on their faces, the appreciation, the fun they had and tostitos did a
3:48 am
great job. no one had any job about the crowd, about the coaches there. it was a great night all around. >>brian: fantastic. you'll see highlights for the first time on this game. can we talk a little bit about football. bill snider is going to be coaching the tostitos fiesta bowl. he's about in your age bracket. if he can come back and be so successful, are you looking for a team? >> i tried that one time. i've had my day. bill used to write me when i was coaching and he'd say bobby stay in coaching. i was about 70. i am going to say to him, stay in coaching. >>brian: he's done so well. who says you can't relate to this generation. urban, you go back to ohio state and pull out an undefeated season. you knew when you took the job you couldn't go to the sanctions that say you can't go to ball games.
3:49 am
do you believe ohio state if there was justice to be done would be playing in the championship game and not notre dame and not alabama? do you believe you guys are one of the top two teams in the country? >> i've been asked that question a lot and try to dance around it as much as possible. i believe by the end of the year we were one of the best teams in the country. any time you go undefeated in a conference like the big ten, you're going to get a chance to play for the national championship. >>brian: the fiesta bowl, do you expect a good game tomorrow night? >> i really do. i have always leaned toward defense. i usually try to find who the best defensive team is and go with them. >>brian: you've got notre dame against alabama. a lot of people aren't giving notre dame a shot. are they wrong?
3:50 am
>> they're dead wrong. i think any time you play defense, like the fighting irish play defense, that's how you win championships. this will be a low-scoring game. plus it's a winner take all. anything can happen in a one-game series. can notre dame stay and survive an s.e.c. schedule, that's another question. with the defense they play, they certainly can win. >>brian: it's going to be interesting. notre dame comes in undefeated. great thing you did for the troops. look forward to seeing these final games. next year you'll be previewing more of ohio state's success. bobby bowden, urban myer, thanks so much. straight ahead, is it your imagination or are kids really raourd these days -- ruder these days? a new study says they are ruder these days. the question: did republicans have to fold on the fiscal cliff or is there another option? did he stay up late enough to see for hymns? was he watching the replay
3:51 am
on c-span? will he be honest with us? [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg, not to mention more interior room than corolla and civic, and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation, and other handy stuff? ♪ yeah. that would be cool. ♪
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3:54 am
>>steve: is it was supposed to be a compromise but next year the government will be collecting $41 in taxes for every dollar it spends. was that a good deal for republicans or should they have walked away? judge napolitano joins us live. we wound up with a cliff deal that taxes a bunch of people who are successful in this country and ultimately does not cut much in spending, which was the whole idea behind the republicans' plan. >> it was the whole idea behind the republicans
3:55 am
claim. good morning and happy new year to you. good to be back after a holiday break. republicans caved last night which is what is kurpbg the stomach -- churning the stomach of a lost us this morning who believe the republicans were elected to shrink the government, reduce spending, stop the borrowing and lower taxes. yesterday in a rush to join the stampede started by the senate and a drumbeat continued by the president since his reelection victory in november, they went along with raising taxes on the most productive and not getting any spending cuts in return. think about it this way. the president won. the president got a good majority, and he has this program -- >>steve: in november. >> in november. republicans also won in the house, and they won on the promise that they would do the opposite of what they did last night. and they have tried to. but with, for instance, the bush-era tax cuts, they were going to go away at the end of last year, which
3:56 am
they did. >>steve: this fiscal cliff extends it for everybody except the most successful in the country. had there not been a time limit on that, i'm sure the republicans, you know, they would still be working on keeping the taxes low and the spending cuts -- >> it would have been nice if the bush tax cuts had been permanent and didn't have the sunset which was yesterday, theoretically. but to tax the most productive in society, to tax the wealthiest, to tax the people who produce the most will cause them to produce less. what will that do? fewer jobs for people that need jobs. >>steve: you've heard the president of the united states. he said the new effective rate for people making $400,000 is going to be essentially 40% of your income will go to federal taxes. do you think the president would consider 40% fair? or do you think that number would be north of that? >> we fought a revolution against the king and the parliament in great britain when taxes were at 3%. now they want to take 40% from us. do we work for the
3:57 am
government or does the government work for us? these are profound questions that were not addressed in the rush to judgment last night. when republicans raised taxes, they lose. when they cut taxes, they win. they rejected that truism yesterday. >>steve: perhaps round one went to the president for 2013. but the next round, we've got the sequester looming in two months from now and the debt ceiling debate. that's going to come over and republicans have the bigger hammer this time. >> that is an opportunity for the republicans to save the republic if they don't let the president borrow more money. don't raise the debt ceiling and force him to live within his means, like almost everybody watching this show now does. don't spend more money than you take in. do you think the government can do that? >>steve: i think they should. do they? we showed folks the number, and it's getting bigger. it's not getting smaller. >> god bless you, steve. >>steve: great to have you back another year.
3:58 am
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>> juliet: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, january 2, 2013. happy new year. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. the threat of a fiscal cliff now over. president obama off to hawaii. he's a winner with washington agreeing to raise taxes on the rich. so what is it all of this mean for our economy? congressman darryl eye is a who voted against the bill joins news minutes. >> brian: finishesle town supported president obama, not
4:01 am
forgotten. hollywood benefitting from the fiscal cliff deal to the tune of millions of dollars? how did that happen? >> steve: and is it your imagination, or are kids really ruder these days? new study detailing findings about generation r, as in generation rude. "fox & friends," the courtesy edition, starts right now. >> steve: i think one of the things that kids do these days that's just plain rude is they're on their gizmos so much. >> juliet: adults do that, too. >> steve: not as much as the kids. >> juliet: i don't know about that. you go out with your friends and stuff like that, everybody has their blackberry or iphones on the table. >> brian: you know what you got to do? set a rule. you got to make the announce: phones down. but yesterday if you remember our show, steve, i know you tend to black out.
4:02 am
>> steve: i do. >> brian: but do you remember the trend expert says we'll get back into personal communication. we're going to start talking to people face-to-face and seeing their facial reaction. >> steve: let's hope that's true. we'll tell you about the rudeness, is it just our imagination or are kids getting ruder? probably. couple in a minute. >> juliet: let's go ahead to headlines. parents and children in newtown, connecticut are bracing for another difficult day. the students who survived the massacre three weeks ago will head back to school tomorrow. there is an open house being held today at a temporary school set up in a neighboring town of monroe. they will not return to sandy hook. the school says it will help in the recovery process by reaching out to students -- reconnecting students with friends and teachers and return to a somewhat normal routine. a photographer following justin bieber has been killed. it happened on a los angeles highway. the paparrazzi who has not been identified, got out of his car to shoot the car to take pictures of it, the ferrari was pulled over. while crossing the street, the
4:03 am
man was hit by a car. bieber wasn't even in the ferrari. apparently a friend was driving. a spirit airlines plane going way off course. you're looking at the damage on the tail of a u.s. airways plane at fort lauderdale hollywood airport. got hit by a spirit jet taxiing. luckily no one hurt on the spirit plane and no one was on the u.s. airways plane. the fiscal cliff vote wasn't the only drama in the house of representatives late last night. anger erupted on the floor after lawmakers learned there would be no vote on the aid package for super storm sandy victims. new york and new jersey representatives were expecting a vote on the measure before the term ends tomorrow. republican leaders suddenlynded the session last night, prompting outrage on both sides. >> everybody played by the rules, except tonight, and the rug was pulled out from under us. absolutely indefensible. we have a moral obligation to hold this vote.
4:04 am
>> mr. speaker! we can not turn our backs on our citizens who need us! >> i have to go home and tell them their new year's gift is that they get to wait even longer, even longer for something they should have had over a month ago. >> this is an absolute disgrace and the speaker should hang his head in shame for not allowing this to come up. >> juliet: there are neighborhoods that are wiped out. you can't go into your own neighborhood. several neighborhoods in a row. the senate passed a $60 billion aid package friday to help parts of new york and new jersey rebuild. this is just -- i don't get it. >> steve: the problem is with the senate bill there were billions and billions of dollars of fund not funding with nothino do with sandy. >> juliet: they were able to take action with this fiscal cliff bill. >> brian: they just want to gut it and show discipline when it comes to spending. it's too bad they left a lot of people in the dark. >> juliet: i'm with peter king.
4:05 am
>> brian: months of tough negotiations fine leaning as congress finalized the deal on the fiscal cliff. but many leaders are still unhappy with the outcome pointing to this troubling ratio. for the $15 billion in spending cuts, there are $620 billion in spending hikes. so is this a fair deal? joining us right now is the chairman of the house oversight, government reform committee darrell issa. congressman, you could not get yourself to vote for it. was it because of the ratio i just went over? >> it was. the fact is that republicans stand for smaller government and fiscal responsibility. there was nothing last nig the fiscally responsible. it was all about maintaining, full, the status quo of kick the can down the road. $4 trillion will be added to the debt over the next ten years as a result of last night's vote and, in fact, there weren't just no spending cuts, this was a 300 some billion dollars increase
4:06 am
effectively. you mentioned hurricane sandy, the fact is the speaker had no choice, had we brought autopsy vote, marked it down to 20 or so, 27 billion where it should be to provide the actual relief, the senate wasn't there to take it, so effectively, it wouldn't have become law and the speaker knew. >> steve: the other problem, congressman, is the fact that the fiscal cliff deal actually sets up another fiscal cliff. here in two months, you guys -- you kicked the can down the road about 60 days where you'll have to address the sequester in 60 days. the gigantic defense and domestic cuts, and then have to do something about the debt ceiling, which, the good news for the republicans, is you've actually got some leverage over the president when it comes to then cutting spending. >> yeah, right. i've heard this story before. the fact is, steve, two months from now the president and the democrats in the house and the democrats in the senate are all going to be talking about higher corporate taxes or higher taxes somewhere on, quote, the rich, in order to pay for not having
4:07 am
sequestration. you haven't heard it yet because the president wants to get to hawaii and finish his hometown vacation, but the fact is that you heard it last night on the floor when chairman camp tried to say, finally we brought finality to the taxes. of course, immediately 11 got up and said no, no, no, no. you're not done. there is more. there was no certainty in tack tack -- taxes last night other than the top 1 or 2% are paying dramatically more from this year and, in fact, the 98% are getting a deferral of their taxes. but the taxes will have to be paid. you can't overspend a trillion dollars a year and not figure you're taxing someone some day. >> juliet: i want to ask you, you mentioned president obama. let's hear what he had to say last night and get your reaction to that. >> while i'll negotiate over many things, i will not have another debate with this congress over whether or not they should pay the bills that
4:08 am
they've already racked you have. if congress refuses to give the united states government the ability to pay these bills on time, the consequences for the entire global economy would be catastrophic. people will remember in 2011, the last time this course of action was done, our entire recovery was put at risk. >> brian: he won't hear of a debt ceiling debate. your response? >> in this case, i'm going to be a little bit more with the president than you might expect. the conservative position from my view is you pass a budget that has in the budget, when it leaves the house, a debt ceiling increase in it. you send it over to the senate and say, look, we want to have that debt ceiling increased. it goes with the budget and thus, the president has an opportunity to get them simultaneously. that's the change we've got to make. we've got to get to where when the house votes on appropriations and budget, ultimately we're voting on what we agree to spend, we also are willing to pay for, but we're
4:09 am
not there yet. the president hasn't had a budget in his entire presidency no matter who was in charge in the house or senate and he doesn't want one. he will, in fact, be the greatest spending president of all time and there is no question at all, he plans to leave office with a trillion dollars a year of deficit happily. >> steve: why is the president doing that? , he must know it doesn't work. does he want us to be like greece? >> well, first of all, the amazing thing is in his statement, his written statement yesterday, he was pretty outspoken that he was thrilled this was the most progressive tax system, at least in his lifetime, and he probably -- not probably, i'm sure he wants to make it more progressive. ultimately this is a hard left president who talks from the center and leads from the left. there is no question at all, this will be a more unionized nation as a result of the election. this will be a more progressive nation in many, many ways, and i think the president's just fine with it. remember, yesterday's vote was all about the president's promise to stick it to the rich.
4:10 am
it wasn't about any kind of austerity or fairness. understand, louis gohmert had the best 15 seconds when he thanked the democrats for finally recognizing that 98% of the bush tax cuts were for the middle class and not for the rich. >> brian: i got to ask you, we have two other quick topics. one, do you believe the speaker has earned the right to still be speaker? will you support him? >> well, i do support the speaker. he had a tough situation, one in which america was saying, mr. speaker, you lead the entire house. understand, republicans weren't with him, but the house was. 151 of us voted no, just like tarp, the vast majority of republicans disapproved of something that became law and i think that sometimes happened. the speaker showed leadership in a time in which harry reid went home and went to bed and left it to the vice president. at least speaker boehner was
4:11 am
always straight, honest with us and allowed the regular process to occur, gave us all the opportunities. i don't think last night is going to go down in history as anything other than an opportunity missed. >> juliet: i just have to throw one more thing in there about sandy and what happened last night. there are a lot of people from both sides of the aisle that disagree on what happened there. your colleagues, peter king, for instance, michael grim, are very upset with that. they're on the floor last night absolutely appalled by what happened. what do you have to say to people who live in this area who cannot go back who have lost everything, who don't understand the finer points of these bills and what happened there, except they understand that they're not going to be getting any money any time soon? >> i think i'll say to you as a new yorker, obviously a concerned new yorker, your two senators packed this with pork, had the opportunity to have a 27 to $30 billion legitimate relief package, packed it with pork and dared us not to vote on it. the speaker made the right
4:12 am
decision, which was that the senate wasn't going to be there to concur with the essential dollars that should have been sent, then there was no point in his asking people to take a divided vote for the second time in a night for no particular benefit. the fact is the senate didn't do their job. they sent us a bunch of pork and then left town. that was just wrong and i think the speaker has the support of the vast majority of republicans that if we're going to provide relief, we can't allow it to be doubled essentially with unrelated pork no matter where the relief is. the relief will come early next year, but it will come at the $27 billion level or i don't expect to be voting for it. >> brian: they did the same thing with every military bill, to fund the troops, they sudden sure, and everybody put in their own things and it ballooned the deficit more than the war itself. congressman, thanks so much. >> thank you. >> steve: happy new year. >> happy new year. >> steve: it is now 7:11. by putting off the fiscal cliff deal until the last second, are
4:13 am
americans getting a bad deal in the long run? one of the rare democrats who voted no joins us coming up next. >> juliet: and unions are supposed to use their power protect american workers. but when it comes to workers' membership fees, wait until you hear what's really being spent. that's coming up oh! progress-oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your progress-oh! story on facebook.
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4:15 am
>> juliet: welcome back. with the house, the fiscal cliff has been averted, but not with both sides taking the aisle. of the 257 passing votes, 85 came from the gop. 16 democrats joined the 151 republicans who opposed the bill. joining us now is one of those 16 democrats who opposed the deal, washington congressman adam smith. good to have you here.
4:16 am
>> good morning, thanks for having me on. >> juliet: so why did you oppose the deal? >> i am concerned about the long-term fiscal health of the country and concerned sequestration wasn't dealt with. the defense budget is subject to half of those and that's two months from now. march 1, they're back in limbo to how much money they'll have from fiscal year 13 and i'm concerned about the rest of the discretionary budget, transportation, education, infrastructure, all of those things are still up in the air. also and i know this won't be popular with your viewers, i'm concerned that revenue has been sort of taken off the table at this point. 90% of the bush tax cuts are now locked in permanently, so any effort to deal with the very large debt and deficit that we have going down the road here revenue is pretty much off the table and we didn't get much. those are my concerns and that's why i voted no. >> steve: but there are a number of democrats who were steamed,
4:17 am
congressman, that the 450 number should have been 250. they would like to have seen a tax cut curtailed for anybody above 200,000 individually. >> yes. i'm going to go ahead and say i'm concerned that the 250 level was set. look, when you look at the appetite that we have for spending on entitlements, social security, medicare, medicaid, our concerns about defense and infrastructure, when you look at the level of spending that poll after poll shows that the american people don't just want, but actually demand, a revenue level that says we're going to take all 12 years worth of tax cuts for people under 250 and lock all of them in, you just not going to be able to support all of those programs that you want to support. look, i'm one of those people. i've benefited a great deal. i make less than 250, have never made more. going to make more than 100,000. i've gotten 12 years worth of a lot of tax cuts. but if we're going to support
4:18 am
the programs going forward, i can't keep getting that. so i'm concerned that we didn't do more comprehensive tax reform that puts news a better position to deal with the spending needs that the country obviously is demanding. >> brian: as you know, the president convened simpson bowles commission, that doesn't look at entitlements, but seemed like great jumping off point for a president that's never going to run for reelection again. are you concerned he's pursuing his personal agenda and not the things that could solve our economy long-term? >> i'm concerned that everybody back here, well, not everybody burks close to everybody, most of the leaders are -- we all like to complain about the deficit and complain about the long-term -- by the way, this applies to most of the public as well. when you actually look at the choices that are involved in dealing with that, generating the necessary revenue and looking at how to control spending long-term, there is no support. we have to start having an honest discussion or we have to say look, we're willing to
4:19 am
accept trillion dollars deficits for as far as the eye can see and i think this has a short-term impact on the economy. the uncertainty of whether or not we're going to deal with those deficits in addition to the uncertainty of the debt ceiling and the uncertainty of sequestration is still sort of undermines the ability of businesses and investors to invest in this economy. >> steve: congressman, it's great that you're worried about spending and taxes, but there are a lot of people who are watching this and they see the president and he really took no leadership when it comes to cutting spending with the budget and with this latest crisis, so it seems like -- >> i don't actually agree with that. the president put on the table cuts to entitlements. he put on the table the chain cpi issue. >> steve: wait, but that was a nonstarter for a lot of people in your party. >> here is the thing, you can say well, he's not showing leadership, but now what you're saying is he showed leadership, but nobody else was willing to.
4:20 am
so it's really hard to blame the president -- >> steve: sure. i'm just looking at the end deal. >> as long as we're talking about the president, let me make the point, speaker boehner, the republicans, what have they put on the table in terms of specific spending? >> brian: look at the ryan plan. >> the ryan plan was not -- >> brian: look at the budget they passed. >> the budget is not an appropriations bill, brian. the budget said across the board, we will cut 10%. we're not going to tell you what, we're not going to tell you where. we're just going to imagine it's going to happen. in terms of specific spending cuts, the president had actually put more on the table during this last negotiation than the so-called fiscal conservatives leading the house. >> brian: really? because i don't know anything that he wanted to cut. >> i just told you. i just told you. >> brian: chain cpi which he couldn't get support from his own party? >> again, if you want to say that he's having trouble getting the country behind the fiscally responsible approach, that's one thing. if you want to say he has to
4:21 am
show leadership, that's different. he said, here is some ideas. here is things i'm willing to do and it wasn't just democrats who were running away from those ideas. again, let me emphasize, i'm concerned also as a democrat that we just took 90% of the bush tax cuts off the table. i'm concerned on revenue side being a democrat as much as i am on the long-term spending side. >> steve: for the cbo says that in the first year for every dollar cut, there will be $41 worth of tax increases. that number is jaw dropping. all right. congressman adam smith, democrat from washington who voted against it last night, thank you very much for getting up early to be with us. >> thanks for the chance. >> steve: you bet. >> juliet: thank you. you don't need to make a lot of money to get ahead financially. dave ramsey is here and he has some simple things, five things you can do. >> brian: then she had no idea what was about to happen of the it's the video everybody is talking about
4:22 am
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4:25 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers on this wednesday morning. first, 40%. that's how many of us who made new year's resolutions will kick them to the curb in a couple of weeks. what's the blame? lady willpower. next, 59 years. so much for age, just being a number. new british study says old age begins at the age of 59 years, two months, and two weeks. something to look forward to. and finally, $300,000. that could be how much it costs to get a baby bump cover story out of kim kardashian. she is and her guy, kanye west, announced the big news this week and her family is said to already be asking for bids on the scoop. kardashian with a k as in cash.
4:26 am
over to you and dave. >> juliet: thanks, steve. if you haven't made a new year's resolution, it isn't too late. it's the perfect time to get your financial life in order. dave ramsey says it takes five easy steps and he's joining us right now. good morning, sir. >> good morning. happy new year. >> juliet: thank you. you, too. first of all, here is your first suggestion. get $1,000 in the bank fast. easy for some people to say. it's tough o do that. but explain how you can do that. >> you do a lot of things. off garage sale. you look around things you can put things on craigslist. you sell so much stuff the kids think they're next. you take an extra job. you get on a written plan. most people can do it fairly quickly, about a month, month and a half for most folks and that's baby step one. >> juliet: baby step two, i would imagine would be having a written budget? >> well, it's the game plan that guides all of the baby steps for sure. and if you don't know where you're going, you're never going to get there. that includes your new year's resolution. my wife and i sat down
4:27 am
yesterday, we did not do resolutions. we did goals. if they're not in writing, they will never happen. the same is true with money. >> juliet: you're really good at the psychological aspect of economizing and budgeting. one of the people don't do the written budget is they can't stand to have to open all of the bills and deal with all the creditors who are calling, harassing them. what do you suggest? >> if you're behind and struggling where you got creditors calling you, really the weird thing is you get more peace by having a plan because you can really pay most of your bills. there is a couple make that you can't, but you prioritize and start with food and shelter and utilities and those kinds of things. you go down the necessities of life first and way down that list is mastercard. >> juliet: you used the debt snowball method to get debt free. what is that exactly? >> that is baby step two and that's where we list our debts, smallest to largest, pay minimum payments on everything but the little one.
4:28 am
attack it with a vengeance. every budget, pay off the smallest debt. when that is gone, pay off the next one down. that gives you the emotional momentum and relational momentum to keep going on the plan 'cause you get quick wins. >> juliet: finally, you say invest in growth stock mutual funds. explain. >> stock market is going crazy with fiscal cliff and debt ceilings and all those kinds of things. those are short-term issues. yes, they're long-term issues, too. but as far as the stock market is concerned, the craziness is short-term. you ask yourself, is it good to invest in the american economy for the next 20 years? if i'm 40 years old, when i'm 65, will home depot and mcdonald's and coca-cola and microsoft and hewlett packard be worth more? answer is statistically yes. so i go with good growth stock mutual funds. >> juliet: thank you very much. always good to see you. happy new year. >> happy new year to you. >> juliet: thank you. weren't we all just told al-qaeda was on its heels? someone forgot to they will them. they put a giant bounty on this
4:29 am
man's head a u.s. ambassador to yemen. then we asked you what new year's resolutions should members of congress make. your e-mails are pouring n. shocker. we'll read them coming up next. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. and the active ingredient relieves your cough. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more pcessed flakes look nothing like natural grains. i'm eating what i kn is better nutrition. mmmm. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself.
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4:32 am
he. >> juliet: the rose parade. >> steve: shot of the morning. look at that reunion. >> brian: sergeant first class eric paz stepped off a float, shocking his wife and four-year-old son. he's been deployed in afghanistan for the last seven months. his wife and son flew from their home in germany thinking they had won a contest to see the parade, so they go out to pasadena and get that surprise. >> steve: that is awesome. happy reunion. >> brian: believe it or not, there is a lot of soldiers rotating through and a lot of them going through and coming back right now during the holiday season. >> steve: that's nice. >> brian: anna storm, she along with al roker, she had a huge
4:33 am
scare. >> steve: yeah. it was news to all of us. it was in the new york daily news yesterday. you know hannah for years, sportscaster, pioneer, she was barbecuing at her house and there was a problem with the propane thing. turned it off and then fiddled with it, turned it back on and the -- >> brian: the propane was still in the air. >> steve: there was a big explosion, a fire ball. she wound up on her hair and arms. she lost some of her hair. she did the show for 85 million people around the world last night and she looked terrific. >> brian: yeah. three weeks later. >> steve: so happy to hear. >> brian: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> juliet: let's get o headlines. state department says it's on high alert after word the life of another ambassador is at risk. al-qaeda offering $160,000 in gold to whomever kills the u.s. ambassador to yemen. the terrorists are also offering a $23,000 bounty to anyone who kills an american soldier in
4:34 am
yemen. comes less than four months after the u.s. ambassador to libya, chris stevens, was murdered along with three other americans. >> steve: meanwhile, eight veteran nurses in indiana fired for refusing to get a flu shot. goshen hospital made it mandatory in september, saying it was for the september of the patient. at least four refused based on religious beliefs and asked for an exemption, but were denied. >> like it's a toxin that i don't want in my body. there are side effects with that. there are no guarantees that it's going to protect you. >> i am not a trouble maker, i teal like i'm a good nurse. unfortunately, the hospital is losing good nurses. >> steve: the hospital says each religious appeal was reviewed, according to equal opportunity guidelineses and they went forward from there. >> brian: staffers at new york city united federation of teachers are living large, having million dollars conferences at fancy hotels, like the waldorf astoria thanks
4:35 am
to membership dues. the union spent over $166 million last year alone on training meengs and events for its staffers. meanwhile, the teachers have gone without a contract or new contract or a pay raise in three years. >> juliet: kids these days -- >> tyler. >> okay, right. >> i'm molly. we met at my birthday party. remember? >> you're late. >> juliet: you think the younger generation is ruder? you could be right a. study found people between ages and 35 are less likely to tip, say hi to neighbors, open the door for somebody, and give up their seat on the bus or the train than people over age 55. i don't know. >> steve: look at that. 37% less likely to tip their hairdresser. brian, we found out from brian many years ago, he actually gives the hair dress -- no, the
4:36 am
shampoo girl more tip wise at your place than the actual hair cutter, right? >> brian: that's not temperatures but steve, to correct the record for those cutting my hair in the future, i realized i was undertipping the shampoo professional. >> steve: then you overcompensated. >> brian: yes. >> juliet: the hair cutter is the owner of the salon. that's what glamour magazine told me, you're not supposed to tip the shampoo. >> brian: believe me, it's like not tipping the bar owner. if you own a salon, i apologize for huddy who -- >> juliet: i still tip. i think -- >> brian: you got a lot of making up to do. bring your checkbook. >> steve: a quick look at sports, mr. kilmeade. >> brian: fine, steve. it was double trouble for michigan in the outback bowl. steve spurrier planned to use conner shaw and thompson as quarterback to south carolina, scoring big results showing a quick touchdown in the first.
4:37 am
it went back and forth. michigan taking the lead in the fourth after a touchdown strike. would it hold on? less than 20 seconds to go. thompson in the clutch. touchdown. colorado wins 33-28. thompson and shaw for the first time in spurrier's careers both got game balls. all things must end, including the clippers 17-game winning streak. the nuggets beating los angeles 92-78, the longest streak since '98. the clippers usually take four years to win that many games. the last time the clippers lost was november 26. andy reid may not be without a team for very long. reports say the cardinals contacted him and he's arizona's top pick to coach their team. he could accept by the end of the week. he coached the eagles for 14 years and they haven't been too good for the last two years.
4:38 am
>> steve: meanwhile, the fox news alert this morning is that congress did pass with a bunch of republicans voting for and a bunch of republicans voting again -- >> brian: more voting against. >> steve: a fiscal cliff bill. what that does is it will jack up taxes on america's most successful. what's interesting, there is $100 million worth of so-called tax extenders. these are going to be very helpful for people who are in businesses that as it turns out, did support the president of the united states. >> brian: like, for example, hollywood. this dates to extend this, encourage hollywood to continue to be hollywood, and have tv and film production in this country, domestically, they'll get a big tax break. >> juliet: hopefully that tax break is less than what is actually brought in to the country. >> steve: yeah. apparently they're going to be able to deduct up to $15 million of costs for their projects. this is interesting, look at this. $331 million worth of tax extenders for railroad maintenance. who is one of the biggest railroad investors in the united
4:39 am
states? >> brian: john henry? >> steve: warren buffet. i'm sure that's a coincidence. >> brian: i know the president loves train transportation. >> steve: the vice president took it for years. that's amtrak. >> juliet: do they love it because 222 million being allotted forum produced in puerto rico and the virgin islands. >> steve: $59 million for algae growers to encourage production of celllosic biofuel, another green energy extender. meanwhile, we asked you, since so many of you are coming up with your new year's resolution, should congress resolve to do in the coming year? we got a bunch of popses. >> juliet: from cameron in south carolina, congress should be to make massive cuts in massive spending. >> steve: george in texas says, eliminate procrastination. they should do the job they were voted in to office to do.
4:40 am
here, here, george. >> brian: first they need a break. this tweet from thomas. congress' resolution should be to think more about the survival of america than their reelection. >> steve: good luck with that. >> juliet: from eddie, quit spending money you don't have. short and simple. >> steve: that's good one. what do you think? e-mail and tweet us. >> brian: i just got a tweet to the "fox & friends" site. it says i cannot even wash my own hair. it's decision made by the hair cutting place. they'd rather work from a wet head. i can wash my own hair. >> steve: you're talking about the fact you go to a place where there is a hair washing girl. >> brian: that's all they do. >> steve: at my place, stuart varney and give to the same place. >> brian: stuart varney washes your hair? >> steve: no, we if to the same place, but there is nobody to wash your hair. >> juliet: go to the barber? >> steve: i go to a barber. they got a pole out front, which is different than the -- never mind. >> juliet: you got to spritz your hair? >> steve: a little. >> juliet: you don't have any hair. no, men don't have hair.
4:41 am
you have hair, a lovely coiff, but you don't need -- >> steve: it's the difference in hair approaches. i don't get a shampoo job and brian does. >> brian: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. i don't tweet about it. >> steve: good. >> juliet: it's a story that we have been closely followingering. the newspaper printed the names and addresses of gun owners. there is an ironic update to the story. we'll let you know coming up. >> steve: taxes are going up on america's most successful. but there is one problem with that and it's going to affect everybody. mark stein just walked in to the studio for the first time this year, good morning to you. >> good morning, guys. good morning, steve. >> brian: you're next. was he supposed to answer a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive.
4:42 am
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4:44 am
>> juliet: welcome back, 7:43. new york newspaper that drew outrage for publishing the names and addresses of registered gun owners has hired armed guards for its headquarters. local police say there haven't been any problems or credible threats to the journal news. still they hired armed guards. if you packed on some pounds this holiday season t could help you live longer. new research finds people who are slightly plump live longer than those who are skinny. it's not known for sure why, but some say it's because those with few extra pounds exercise more and eat better to try and lose weight. interesting. brian? >> brian: thank you very much. it's now a done deal. the senate bill to avoid the fiscal cliff passed the house. it happened late. it's awaiting president obama's signature which he gave. what many agree on what was missing was serious spending cuts because there was only 15 billion worth. here with us now is author, best selling his book is a best seller, mark stein, who has a cd
4:45 am
out, go out and get it. off great singing voice, is that right? if we ever did a musical, you will be the first guest i call. >> i will take that compliment. i will tip your shampooer signal thank you very much. this is a deal that charles krauthammer called a route for the president. does mark stein call it that? >> i don't, i don't think so because i think that's to say the narrow political terms. what the world wants to know is whether america is capable of serious course correction and washington has just answered no, that america is going to continue living beyond its means on a scale that no other nation does and on a scale that is unprecedented in history. i mean, we are spending over a trillion dollars a year that we don't have. 70% of which nobody wants to lend us. so bennett cunningham better than invents the money. we've just spent two months negotiating, what is it,
4:46 am
$15 billion? >> brian: $15 billion worth of cuts. $620 billion worth of spending. >> yeah. both figures of which are irrelevant. the 15 billion is what the united states government borrows every three days. so if you waste two months negotiating three days worth of cuts, you're an idiot. >> brian: when people are thinking and saying is why did it come to the end, it was the brinksmanship that wasn't necessary. the house could have gotten ahead of this by presenting a plan, their version of a plan in a way forward, but we didn't hear anything except for john mccain coming forward, lindsey graham saying, look out, our defense dement will be gutted. >> right. and that's really the role of the opposition, i would say, in this situation. the republican party should be the party that takes the longview, that doesn't get excited about these phony bologna bits of beltway theater like we've had to go now with the debt ceiling. the debt ceiling is the next example of america tied to the railroad tracks and the fiscal cliff and all the other nonsense. >> brian: are you concerned as
4:47 am
somebody who is about fiscal responsibility first, that for the first time since the house went to the republicans, they were divided on a major issue? >> yeah, i think they're right to be divided because in a sense, america voted for big government in november. what it didn't vote for is the willingness to pay for it. we have the biggest gap between revenue and spending of any major nation on earth. so people have got to get real about it. if you want swedish style government, you have to pay swedish style government. if you don't, you got to grow up and learn to live within your means. >> brian: when you say there should be another fight, do you think america has the stomach for another fight, this over the debt ceiling, one in which the president says i refuse to have? >> yeah, and i would bet he gets his way. i would bet that in the end, we'll have some -- yet another fake fix on the debt ceiling. the fact of the matter is, this cannot go on. we're borrowing $188 million an
4:48 am
hour that we don't have. the chinese don't want to lend it to us. the japanese, the british, the saudis, no major world lender wants to lend us that money. so either people have got to pay for this stuff or live within their means. >> brian: are you one of those who believe if we did make some tough choices now, the way the world looks almost by default if china -- with china struggling, europe in a mess, nobody else there, this could be another great era for america? >> yeah. if we got real about it, basically everyone -- the argument that china is ready to be the global colossus is nonsense. it's going to be worse because if america goes goes out of the world super power business, which is what we basically voted to do yesterday, there is nobody there to take the place that's going to be a world without order. it's not a new world order. it's not the chinese, it's not the muslims, it's not the russian. it's going to be a world of chaos without order. basically if you're spending a
4:49 am
trillion dollars a year that you don't have on nothing, nobody can even point to what this money goes to, it goes to bureaucracy and food stamps, and dependency. it doesn't go to anything real. if you keep doing that, you basically signaling to the world that the american era is over. >> brian: right now do you feel the president understands that or do you think it's another agenda entirely? >> i think he's got another agenda. what he's done, this is why i disagree with charles krauthammer. the thing to do is to get people used to spending, which is about 25% of gdp. if you got people used to the spending, at some point the people will have to pay for it, the way the belgians and norwegians pay for it. they will to have pay taxes which match what the government is spending. obama figured out if you get them used to the spending, then two, three years down the line, the taxes will fall in his way. >> brian: the title is depressing, but there is hope,
4:50 am
called "after america." a best seller. mark, thank you so much for coming in. >> always a pleasure. >> brian: thanks for that offer on the gratuity. >> the state america is in, i'll tip your shampooer. >> brian: if you were really kind, you would tip juliet because they haven't been getting any. thank you. always great to see you. how would you like to start the new year with a new job? cheryl casone is here next with five companies hiring right away. look at her. brand-new outfit, i believe. first, this day in history 1976, bay city rollers, the group that never really went away, had the number one song. it was "saturday night." then they broke up. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
4:51 am
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4:54 am
>> steve: despite the economic uncertainty we're facing heading into 2013, some companies are still hiring. here are five companies to kick off the new year with cheryl casone from the "fox business" network. these are companies that are hiring right now. happy new year. >> seasonal jobs in december. i'm going to continue the trend. 'tis the season to go back to the gym. you ate a lot, you drank a lot. now you need to go back to the gym. 24 hour fitness is our first company. this is really their busiest time of year is the month of january. they need personal trainers. hiring veterans, those just back from iraq and afghanistan 'cause they're very in shape. they make great representatives of the company. this comes with medical benefits
4:55 am
and dental and they've got 400 clubs across the country. >> steve: you have to be in good shape to work there? >> i would recommend being in good shape to work there. they need people that can work on the i.t. side. >> steve: speaking of i.t. side, what about wireless zone? >> wireless zone is the nation's largest private retailer of verizon wireless products. they're not verizon wireless, but exclusively their products. everything is about the phone and data and laptop. 450 new jobs. >> steve: you're so analog. >> sales associate attention, admin. 430 stores. mostly on the eastern seaboard. >> steve: people to have to eat. that's why patrice and associates is looking for people. >> actually, my next job is the food. >> steve: this is a hospitality management outfit, right? >> mostly like managers and things like that. that's a good point.
4:56 am
the food one is the next one and i'm excited about that. this one is patrice, woman owned small business. but they actually go out and they help people get into the hospitality management field. they need about 500 recruiters now that can work there. but they also are opening up new offices. maybe 50 new regional offices across the country. patrice is looking to expand. and the salary ranges from 35 to $75,000 a year. >> steve: we know she wants to talk about a food company called oil and vinegar. >> yeah. so oil and vinegar, a netherlands based company. they're expanding in the united states and it's all like fun, funky, gourmet food products. you can go in and pick up things, you can taste them. >> steve: to eat or -- >> like cooking products and spices and stuff. they have a franchise, they'll be opening at least five more coming up in the next couple of months. 15 to 20 bucks per hour. they'll be opening up new stores -- actually more than
4:57 am
five. louisiana, louisiana, florida, they're in north carolina, oregon and texas. and you can actually -- they've got 90 stores overall in nine countries. but big u.s. push for them. >> steve: there are a lot of federal employees out there who need their benefits coordinated. >> yeah. >> steve: apparently that's what benefit coordinator does. >> this is what they do, they actually work with federal employees, people this work for the u.s. postal service to explain their federal benefits. can the u.s. government get any more complicated? >> steve: no. >> 125 openings right now. they need benefits educators enrollers. a salary range. but you're a contractor. so you don't get benefits from the company. but you teach federal employees to understand their benefits. >> steve: but it's a good salary, so you can buy your own. >> juliet: there you go. you can forego your own benefits. if you know that. >> steve: last year she helped a whole bunch of people find job, if you want more information,
4:58 am
log on to her web site. if you have questions directly for her, e-mail her. >> at ff jobhunt at i read them all the time. i love hearing when people get jobs from this segment. it's very fun. >> steve: changing lives. >> brightness of my day. as are you. happy new year. >> steve: thank you very much. straight ahead, you can get a raise in this economy. you just have to know how and who better to teach you than a self-made millionaire. dana perino is here. she says the fiscal deal was a bad showing for everyone in dc, except for one person. that one person not brian kilmeade who is pictured there [ all ] 3, 2, 1... [ male announcer ] as the year counts down, your savings can add up with the adt new year's sale.
4:59 am
help protect your family with the advanced technology of adt starting at just $99 -- a savings of $300 plus 15% off accessories. but you must call before midnight january 2nd. more than a security system, adt can help let your family in from the cold even when you're away from home. adjust your thermostat remotely to help save energy and money. turn on the lights, even see that everyone is safe and secure. and with adt, you can rely on our fast response monitoring for 24/7 protection against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide. the adt new year's sale. it could help you save something more important than money. call now to save $300 on adt starting at $99 installed plus 15% off accessories. sale ends midnight january 2nd.
5:00 am
>> juliet: good morning, everybody. today is wednesday, january 2,
5:01 am
2013. i'm juliet huddy in for gretchen. vacation back on. president obama is off to hawaii now that the threat of a fiscal cliff is over. but what happens to the economy going forward? dana perino is standing just about ten feet away from me. she'll be here to talk about that. >> steve: weren't we just told al-qaeda was on its heels, out of business? somebody forgot to tell al-qaeda. they just put a giant gold bounty on that man, screen left's head. and he is a u.s. ambassador. we'll tell what you we know. >> brian: the cat is out of the bag. the government now telling people how many cats you're allowed to have. if you're in a house and you're a cat, and there are five of you, you're really going to want to pay attention. "fox & friends" starts now. >> steve: you look exhausted. >> steve: welcome to "fox &
5:02 am
friends" on this wednesday that seems like a monday. >> juliet: speak for yourself. >> steve: we were working yesterday as well e. with got huddy with us today. >> brian: you know what i wonder? do these fiscal cliff negotiations, when they're sitting down talking about the future of our nation -- >> steve: i don't think they're talking. usually yelling. >> brian: do they think what about the morning show hosts that have to watch this, understand this and then talk about this a couple hours later? what about the morning show host as soon as why don't we get together with gumbel and lauer. >> steve: gumbel? >> brian: i'm not sure. >> steve: jane paulie. >> brian: brokaw is still doing the today show, isn't he? maybe we could get together and rally some support for an 8:00 o'clock deadline deal. >> juliet: yeah. we're really put upon. >> steve: we're exhausted. we sit around the coffee table and drink coffee and talk to you about the news. we're going to talk about the fiscal cliff with dana perino, star of "the five" in two
5:03 am
minutes. >> brian: right. >> juliet: let's get to some headlines. sickening offer being made by al-qaeda terrorists placing a gold bounty on the head of our bahamas dor in yemen. peter doocy is live in washington and has the latest on this very, very bizarre and disturbing story. peter? >> al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula is behind this bounty that offers three kilos of gold for the life of the u.s. ambassador to yemen. three kilos of gold are worth about 160,000 u.s. dollars and anyone who assassinates ambassador is in line for that sum. he has been in the foreign service for about four decades. he joined back in 1975 and has worked throughout the arab world in his career serving in pakistan, tunisia, saudi arabia, oman and israel. a hash tag that translates to al-qaeda's reward was used to spread the word about this bounty on twitter. that's according to the middle east media research institute
5:04 am
who is tracking several terrorist twitter accounts and notes the terrorists are now using more social networks like twitter and facebook because there are other forums on-line are being shut dallas down. it's said this threat is being taken very seriously, but that spokesman would not comment about whether or not security around the ambassador has been stepped up since the state department became aware of this bounty. there is another offer tied to this one for $23,000. that will go to anyone who kills an american soldier in yemen. next friday marks the four-month anniversary of the deadly raid on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya, that killed another u.s. ambassador, chris stevens and three other americans. back to you in new york. >> steve: thank you very much for that report from dc. >> juliet: let's get to other headlines. parents and children in newtown, connecticut are bracing for another difficult day. the students who survived the school massacre three weeks ago will head back to class
5:05 am
tomorrow. an open house is being held today at a temporary school that's set up in the neighboring town of monroe. kids will not return to sandy hook. the school says it will help in the recovery process, reconnecting students with their friends and their teachers and trying to get them all back to a normal or somewhat normal routine. photographer following justin bieber's ferrari trying to get pictures of the star has been killed. it happened on a los angeles highway. the paparrazzi who hasn't been identified yet, got out of his car to shoot the ferrari and take pictures of it. but it had been pulled over by cops. while crossing the highway, the man was hit by a car. bieber wasn't even in the ferrari. a friend of his was driving. the fiscal cliff vote wasn't the only drama in the house of representatives late last night. anger erupted on the floor after lawmakers learned there would be no vote on the aid package for super storm sandy victims. new york and new jersey representatives were expecting a vote on that measure before the term ends tomorrow. they were furious. earlier on "fox & friends," california representative darrell issa said the speaker
5:06 am
made the right decision, putting off the bill. >> the speaker has the support of the vast majority of republicans that if we're going to provide relief, we can't allow it to be doubled essentially with unrelated pork no matter where the reseptember 11th. the relief will come early next year. but it will come at the $27 billion level or i don't expect to be voting for it. >> juliet: they had broken the bill down and got a lot of people upset that they didn't vote on it. but it will not happen until a new congress is sworn in later on this month. president obama's epa chief quit because he plans to approve the keystone pipeline? exclusive report in the new york post says lisa jackson resigned in protest. the president previously rejected plans for the $7 billion pipeline, but the post is reporting jackson said he could approve the project as soon as march or april. a spokesperson for jackson says she resigned for new challenges and, quote, the idea that her decision was made based on
5:07 am
anything else is entirely false. jackson also came under fire for sending secret e-mails as we had been talking about over the weekend, using the name richard winsor about the obama administration's tough coal regulations. that's still being looked into. those are your headlines. >> steve: that got her into a whole bunch of trouble. >> if that had beena bush administration, that would have been a much, much bigger story. >> steve: absolutely. then again, so would so many others. >> it's countless. i can't believe i'm starting 2013 with this negativity. >> brian: but you had to point that out. >> i can't stop myself. i was told, you got to stop looking for fairness. it will never happen! i just can't help myself. >> steve: let's take a look at what happened with the fiscal cliff deal. the house passed it last night. it's the senate bill. it looked like boehner was trying to get enough votes to amend the bill, but didn't have the votes ultimately. >> brian: cantor wanted it bad. >> steve: he did. cantor voted against it and boehner voted for it.
5:08 am
the president of the united states wanted this deal and here is what he said shortly after it passed the house. >> i am very open to compromise. i agree with democrats and republicans that the aging population and the rising cost of health care makes medicare the biggest contributor to our deficit. i believe we've got to find ways to reform that program without hurting seniors who count on it to survive. and i believe there is further unnecessary spending in government that we can eliminate. but we can't simply cut our way to prosperity. >> steve: so now he's talking about spending? he didn't wind up with any spending cuts to speak of in this deal. >> juliet: bill crystal of weekly standard and fox news contributor, he called this deal a dog's breakfast, but i can assure you that my puppy eats better than this. it is not a good deal. i don't think anybody is happy with it. maybe president obama is okay
5:09 am
with it. but it really is not great policy. there are some good parts of it, for example, the amt being tape away. -- taken away. if i tried to explain that right now, you would fall asleep. but there are a couple of good policy points, but the bumper sticker is bad deal and we're not done with this. even though they had two years to figure out how to approach this, they waited until new year's eve, 2:00 a.m., across the country, the approval in washington is plummeting. when i hear president obama talking and saying now he agree that we need to do something about medicare and social security, i can understand why people around the country are just tuning out of washington all together. if the economy does do better in 2013, which i hope that it does, i believe that it will be in spite of government action in washington. not because of it. >> brian: the one thing it will do, if we start feeling better and the revenues start
5:10 am
increasing, but we're not addressing medicare or social security -- >> that's the point. >> brian: it's like a band-aid. we're going to ignore it. >> that's the thing that footnotes in all of this is the revenues are better. they're back up now in the treasury where they were in 2008. the problem is we're spending at such a higher rate that we're gobbling all of that up. so you have to keep taxing more in order to get it. it's an unsustainable situation. but die think that bainer and mcconnell were the most like the adults in washington this week and basically saying, you say you want to teal with us, boehner offered the moon and the president rejected that offer. then mcconnell, imagine this, is how bad and dysfunctional washington is. that mcconnell can't deal with senator reid or the senator won't deal with him. so he had to call vice president biden to please come and help us. people in washington on bough sides of the aisle really like joe biden and he was the one person who could help bring them all together. it's not a good situation. >> brian: you know what's interesting is john boehner brought up, let's do this in
5:11 am
deductions. that's the way we're going to get more revenue. let's eliminate some deauction deductions. the president says i'm not going to do the deduction thing, but i'm going to take you up now on those deductions. he got his tax increase and now he wants to take back the deductions. is he going to hold bain tore that as if that is still out there? >> what we're going to see is we might see, there is rumors, there will be a challenge to speaker boehner's speakership. we'll see how that turns out. sometimes that's just talk. >> brian: ron myer said that. >> that could happen. and then we're going to immediately have the president's second inaugural address and have the state of the union, state of the budget and then you'll have the debt ceiling fight all over again. so to keep all of your notes from the past two weeks because it's going to be the same discussion in february and march. >> juliet: i'm sorry, steve. i was going to bring up the rasmussen poll. i don't think this is a big shocker, but it's jaw dropping when you see of those polled, 69% say congress is doing a poor job. 69%, only 5% say they're doing a
5:12 am
good or excellent job. >> who are those 5%? >> juliet: last night, the other video we've been showing that's getting fired up, including me, i think we're disagreeing on this is what happened with the sandy vote. i think everybody is in agreement that the original bill had a lot of -- there were a lot of things that the republicans agreed should not have been there. i think darrell issa called it pork. but they decided to break it and cantor helped out with breaking it into two parts. one that would be more pallatable. why would there not have been any sort of vote last night? >> i don't know. i think it is going -- it's bad for the republicans actually because i think that it probably could have passed. at least they could have voted no -- in the fiscal cliff deal, one of the things that passed that should not have passed was an extension of the wind power and renewable energy tax credits. those are things that should have been phased out. but yet they made it into the fiscal cliff deal, but people
5:13 am
that are dealing with the aftermath of sandy didn't get the help they need. i do believe they will get that help. but as a courtesy and symbolic gesture, they could have said, we are going to get this done. you are going to be taken care of. >> juliet: john boehner did say that ultimately. >> steve: it was just audacious that a number of u.s. senators packed that thing with so much pork. >> i also blame senator harry reid for that because no other legislation is moving through the senate. so if you want to get something done, you have to attach it to an emergency piece of legislation. >> brian: so you're going to be on "the five" today? >> i will be on "the five" today with four others. >> steve: as eric bolling says. >> i didn't get to see, but i heard you were on "the five" and i heard you were great? am it was a lot of fun. >> it's a crazy show. ask brian. >> juliet: you're doing a great job. >> steve: straight ahead, you can't get a raise in this economy. you just need to know who to ask and how and who better to teach
5:14 am
you than a self-made millionaire. >> juliet: then the story is unbelievable. pilot catches a thief robbing from his own home. we're going to tell you how. i think you can probably put two and two together and figure out what happened. we'll tell you the details [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™.
5:15 am
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5:16 am
share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter. >> brian: fox news alert. a road about 20 minutes outside of washington, d.c. is shut down right now because of an explosive device. the situation is unfolding in the town of vienna, in virginia, route 123. the device in the parking lot at the merchant tire, we are keeping a close eye on the developing story. we'll let you know how it's going. we got a camera on its way. steve? >> steve: thank you very much. democrats in the house banded together last night helping pass the senate's bill to avoid the
5:17 am
fiscal cliff. not all republicans were on board. some in the house and the senate said the bill did not go far enough. one man in the senate who voted no this week, alabama senator richard shelby, he joins us this morning from washington, d.c senator, good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: you voted no 'cause this is a bad deal, right? >> absolutely. a bad deal, mostly about taxes and spending and ultimately borrowing. very little cuts there. >> steve: what did you want to see? >> i like to have seen a grand bargain and i believe you never know, if we would have held out, maybe it would have done something. the pressure was building on the president. he certainly doesn't want to see us go into recession. but we need fundamental tax reform. we need to reform our entitlements. we need to look at the spending ledger. we're always wanting to spend and promise and spend and borrow, but not cut. we've got to get real about this.
5:18 am
we're headed down the road that europe is already on. >> steve: we just played some sound bites of the president last night after the house passed the fiscal cliff deal with a bunch of republicans who voted for it, although double that number voted against it. the president last night after the deal was done was talk being how we need to address entitlement reform. this was his chance. i know a lot of people in the senate like yourself were hoping for the grand bargain. but what's his motivation for not dealing with theing problem? does he want us to become greece? >> i think that the president missed a great opportunity, one of leadership. he's just been reelected. he's got four years left and this will be part of his legacy. the failure to step up and do the big thing when he could. he could have brought leadership to the table. he didn't. now he's wanting to talk about cutting, spending, it's kind of a joke. >> steve: yeah. going forward now, there is going to be another fiscal cliff
5:19 am
here in about two months because the sequestration cuts, they funded them for two months and then that's going to come back to haunt you guys. then the debt ceiling limit is going to be another bitter battle as well. the conventional wisdom is the republicans hold more cards there. but the president you would think this would have been his opportunity to reach across the aisle and say, we got some differences, but let's try to come up with something that everybody wins at. >> well, i he agree with all that. but i'll tell you this, you got to have some cards, but you got to have some courage to play those cards and play them to the ultimate. i don't know in two months from now if we will stand tough and do what we should do or not. but we certainly missed i believe an opportunity yesterday. >> steve: so your message to the members of the house who voted for this and made it law? >> i think it was a mistake that they did it. overwhelming majority of the house understood what the republicans understood what this
5:20 am
was. they'd chance to reflect on it. i was proud of them. but the ones that voted for it, i think they will rue the day. >> steve: after 20 some odd years, some republicans in the congress did vote to increase taxes and that's something we haven't seen in a very long time. >> absolutely. i think it's a bad trend. a bad one. >> steve: all right. richard shelby, senator from alabama, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. now 20 minutes after the top of the hour. straight ahead, video that's going to make your heart stop. people trying to help save somebody need to be saved themselves. the rescuers needed a rescue. then there is a sure fire way to get a raise in this economy and we summoned the premiere expert to help. he's a self-made millionaire. that guy right there is going to help you as we roll on.
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5:24 am
>> brian: i'm in the control room. let me tell you what's happening in the world right now as we give you the quick headlines. the upon larrity of zip cars has been -- popularity of zip cars is spreading. they bought the car sharing company for $500 million. the control room is loud. zip car let's customers get in cars in advance or immediately. avis says it will use it until it can offer them for car sharing. let's come back to me for a second. naked man in california seen holding a rifle and then a samurai sword. he's been arrested after a stand-off with police. no one was hurt and there is no word on why he did either thing.
5:25 am
we know he's well armed and know it's not john belushi. back to you guys, wherever you are. >> juliet: thank you very much, brian. between that pricey thanksgiving turkey you got your christmas gifts, new year's party, chances are you spent more than you made? but what if you could bring in the new year a raise to help offset that? here to help is a self-made millionaire. the author of the best selling book "i will teach you to be rich." you pretty much leave it out there like that. you're going to teach me. >> that's right. >> juliet: teach me. let's start with the fact that you don't have -- there isn't some magical phrase that you walked into your boss' office and say, all of a sudden he gives you that? >> no. people want to know this magical phrase. actually most of the work is done before you actually walk in the room.
5:26 am
being a top performer. asking your boss what it would take and exceeding those goals and letting your boss know. >> juliet: you say you should go in there knowing that even in this economy, there is still a shot for to you have a raise. >> absolutely. people don't believe it. the first thing they say is, maybe that works for that guy or that woman, but not for me. >> juliet: you're worried you're going to go in and upset your boss and say, what are you talking about? >> yeah, that's because most people believe they walk in and say, i want more money and the boss says no and they walk out embarrassed. that's not the way you do it. you have to understand what being a top performer is, do it, and then ask in the right way. >> juliet: you're saying believe. how? >> most of us will worry about macro worries about things we can't control. but one we can is our salary. one raise can be worth over a million dollars over your entire career. >> juliet: what are the things you have to do? i believe in myself. how do i take it to the next level? >> understand that 80% of the work is done before you ever
5:27 am
walk in the room. you don't just walk in and say, can i have more money? if i asked you that and you were my boss, what would you say? >> juliet: i would say why? >> exactly. what i do instead is imagine three, six months prior to that discussion, you go and say, look, shear what i've done last year. this year here is my plan. i want to know, what would it take to be a top performer at this company. >> juliet: you're saying go in ahead of time, before you have your big meeting, you go in and put this in her head? >> exactly. she's going to tell you exactly what is it going to take to be a top performer. then you say something like this, okay, i'm looking forward to this. i'm glad we've come to an agreement. one last question. assuming i'm able to do these things and maybe exceed expectations, i'd like to santa claus possible compensation adjustment. can we agree on that? >> juliet: what happens if they don't agree? >> almost every boss will say if you're going to exceed that, then of course we'll have the discussion. they're not going to have the
5:28 am
discussion right then. and then you can walk in later. >> juliet: you can also go in and you can mention those other offers that you have. but be careful about that. >> that's a tricky move. when you do that, your boss likely will give you a raise if you work it right. but they're going to know you're looking on the market. >> juliet: thank you very much. we'll take those and hopefully turn them into money. brian and steve, back to you. >> steve: we're in the control room, there have been -- >> brian: i'm working on a few stories. pick a story and i'll tell you what's coming up. big something. >> steve: that's good! >> brian: you're going to love this one. the pilot story? >> steve: this is unbelievable. >> brian: it's about a pilot -- >> steve: put the banner up! >> brian: that's the one story. what's the other story.
5:29 am
>> steve: plus, play charlie. that's this role. c as in cat. the government now telling you -- >> brian: that's the cat. bad news, that was the fifth cat. >> steve: stand by. take the break. roll! roll! roll! [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people like you, are choosing advil® because helps you keep doing what you love. no wonder it's america's #1 selling pain reliever. you took action, you took advil®. and we thank you.
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>> steve: we got a fox business alert for you. in less than one hour, the stock market will open. how will wall street react to the fiscal deal brokered last night in the congress? joining us from washington is peter barns. it looked like there could be a big selloff if there was gridlock, but we've got good news, at least financially. >> yeah. that's right. markets like this bill. they all said -- analysts said it would help avert a recession this year. just a couple of hips ago, futures were point to go a stronger opening. dow futures are up about 200 points right now. s & p 500 futures up about 25 points. so a little bit more. nasdaq futures up more than 50 points. european markets followed their asian counterparts and rallied on the news. london's footsy, frankfort and
5:33 am
paris, each jumping between 1.7 and 2%. asian markets were up about 1 to 2% each after the bill passed. >> steve: peter, i would have thought that wall street kind of baked this in because everybody figured they're going to come up with a deal eventually anyway. so it's kind of surprising to see such a big start. >> wall street is trading on headlines every day. so if there is a bad headline, then the markets go down. if it's a good headline like today on the extension of the tax cuts, they're up. keep your seat belt buckled. >> brian: stuart varney was saying earlier they'll be glad there is a deal. but when they look at the deal, they're not going to be happy. if that is true, when will we see it in the market? >> the markets are efficient and they will -- once they drill down into the fine print of the deal, if there is -- you know, listen, for higher income folks,
5:34 am
taxes are going up. on dividends and capital gains that is correct will discourage some investors there. you also have the payroll taxes going up. that's going to be a 2% increase on payroll taxes. that cut expired. that's going to clip the average family making 50,000 a year by $1,000 this year. that's $1,000 less than consumer spending out there. so there are some economists who think this could slow economic growth in 2013 by a bit. >> steve: all right. peter barns in the bureau, thank you very much. of course, we heard that if we didn't seriously address spending with this end of the year -- >> brian: that didn't happen. >> steve: then we would get downgraded by one of the rating agencies. >> juliet: whenever we have a new year that goes into effect, we have a lot of other laws that go into effect. we're gog start in colorado where they have a law that says you can actually bring your own pot to clubs. we're not talking about a pot for a plant. i'm talking about actual
5:35 am
marijuana. there are marijuana clubs. >> steve: yeah. for 30 bucks you can join a place and apparently on new year's eve, they sent out an e-mail and said we're going to meet at this address. bring your own pot. >> juliet: they don't sell it there. you have to bring your own. >> brian: in kansas, you walk into a house and you say, look at all the cats. now you're not going to say that. >> steve: actually in wellington, kansas, they passed a law, you can only have four cats in a house. cat house apparently. and it's because so many cats have been wound up in shelters where they had to be euthanized. they're trying to nip that in the bud inasmuch in ill -- >> juliet: in illinois, you can get a fine if you pop a wheelie on a motorcycle. they aren't heavy enough to trip that sensor thing. so now i think it's up to a population of 2 million, if you're a motorcyclist, you can kind of look to see if the coast is clear and then go. >> steve: you want to wait a
5:36 am
respectable interval. >> brian: it's important to know if you have a big wheel, it's never okay to pop a wheelie. >> juliet: or a green machine. >> brian: yeah. >> steve: and in the commonwealth of massachusetts, plastic bottles in the city of concorde are now contraband. >> brian: in new york, speeding a okay. >> steve: really? >> juliet: no, no. >> brian: that's what i'm told. >> brian, you're fired. >> steve: technically, they coo have speed limits here, although they are seldom observed. >> brian: not anymore. no income, just go as fast as you want. one new jersey school will arrive at -- armed guards in every building were necessary after the tragedy at sandy hook. it's getting mixed feelings from parents. >> i think it's a good idea after the shooting up in connecticut and just to make the kids feel a little safer. >> instead, we should be getting
5:37 am
guns off the street and then this way we won't need the armed guards in the schools. >> brian: superintendent says the guards will only be in schools for the next three months while the board finds a more cost effective way to keep the schools safe. >> steve: he crashed his automobile through a tv station's front door not once, but twice. now police officers in texas want to arrest him for stalking a reporter at the tv station. jennifer reyna is a local tv news reporter and is said to be fearing for her life. she had a restraining order out against a guy, christopher olson, since the crashes in 2007. but police officers say the past couple of months, he's been following her to and from work and he calls her constantly. a warrant is out for his arrest. >> juliet: a dozen people recovering today after sledder crashes through thin ice on a california lake and in trying to help, these other people meet the same fate. watch. >> somebody get a branch.
5:38 am
>> juliet: they all just kept falling in. one after the other. the chain reaction continuing as more and more people tried to help out. it took ten minutes. luckily people on shore were able to pull everyone out. everybody is expected to be okay. >> brian: talk about the right place at the right time. a pilot fly ago private plane over his florida home spots a man trying to break in. >> making a tight circle around our property here, watching him from the air. he was clearly looking at us several times, looked up. >> brian: the pilot followed the man after he took off with his tow trailer, after landing, he called police. the alleged prowler has been caught and faces a grand theft
5:39 am
charge. >> steve: that's lucky the guy was up there. meanwhile, i have gotten the garage door clicker to go ahead and show you the weather. but first, if you're up late tonight, look up in the sky because the meteor shower will be streaking by the next two nights. it happens every year about this time. the peak hours to watch are between midnight and dawn tomorrow. >> julie very exciting. >> steve: let's take a look at the map to find out where it's raining. it's raining in texas, along the louisiana gulf coast, as you can see, up through the mid atlantic. south texas is heavy. we've got widely scattered snow flurries in portions of nebraska, and the dakotas. and as you head out the door on this wednesday, it feels like a monday, a lot of teens. you can see 15 in minneapolis. 11 in -- that's not a teen. 17 in kansas city. 14 in cleveland.
5:40 am
and 15 now in denver. it's 2 below. that's not the wind chill. that's airport temperature in provo, utah. much warmer along florida's gulf coast. later on today in tampa, they're gog have 75. in new york city, we'll be one shy of freezing. it will be one in caribou and looks like it will be in the 30s in the central plains states. 40s down south. mr. kilmeade, let's talk about some bulls. >> brian: college football. northern illinois' first trip to the bowl series, anything championship but memorable. no match for florida state. no surprise there. the orange bowl, seminoles soared past the huskies 31-10. stanford speeds past wisconsin in the rose bowl. stanford's first rose bowl victory in 40 years. another legal problem for one problem. player arrested for disorderly conduct after complaints of loud music at his home. he attacked and choked his
5:41 am
coach. he never tucked his shirt in. it was supposed to be a casual football game between our heros played in front of no one. but they didn't know it turned out to be a big showdown with two superstar coaches, celebrities and former great nfl players. bobby bowden, coached one team. urban myers coached the other. it was all in an effort to surprise the veterans and let them know they're appreciated. >> they didn't know that the stadium was going to be packed. they didn't know it was going to be on tv. they didn't know that urban would coach one team and i would coach the other team. >> to see the men and women of our military, their face, look on their faces, appreciation, the fun they had,s to tee toes did a -- toes titos -- tostitos did a great job. it was a great night all around. >> brian: owen wilson would be in the huddle and kurt warner would be calling the signals and marcus allen running the ball. amazing. the homecoming party will air
5:42 am
tomorrow during the tostitos fiesta bowl on espn. >> steve: suddenly i'm hungry. >> brian: yes. >> steve: meanwhile, it's called the affordable care act, but now the obama administration says some health care won't actually have to be affordable. what? peter johnson, jr. is going to straighten that out coming up next. >> juliet: then you've heard the horror stories about looking for love on-line. >> yeah. >> i answered my own father's personal ad. this is disturbing. >> juliet: but there is a way to get lucky in love on the internet. the man who knows how, the ceo of eharmony is here
5:43 am
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>> steve: quick headlines on this wednesday morning. both sides in the case of accused movie theater shooter james holmes are back in court today. ary going to be making sure that everything is ready for next week's crucial preliminary hearing where they'll find out if the evidence in the case is enough to put holmes on trial. i think that's a done deal, isn't it? eight veteran nurses in indiana fired for refuse to go get a flu shot. at least four refused based on religious beliefs and asked the hospital for an exemption, with you were denied. the hospital maintains it warned them it was mandatory and that they could be fired. and they were. speaking of health care, brian? >> brian: the affordable care act, the government is saying some of that health care employers are being required to provide may not have to be so affordable after all. here to explain fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. peter, what changes? >> this was a little reported
5:46 am
almost buried federal register regulation that people can comment on now. what it basically says is yeah, health care has to be affordable for the employee. but not for the spouse or the child dependent. it says the spouse is not a dependent under the affordable care act and it says we don't know whether there is going to be subsidy dees for spouses and comments that there are for other people. so affordable care act becomes kind of a misnomer when the spouse and the children up to age 26 are not receiving the same type of affordable care. we know that corporations pay less today and more less going forward for family and spouse coverage. >> brian: let's look at the average annual employer-based health premiums. if you're single in 2010, the coverage was $5,049. the family coverage is $13,770. let's fast forward to 2012,
5:47 am
single coverage, 5615: >> for 1975 on family coverage, the white house had said, family premiums are going to decrease by $2,500. so that's pretty disturbing. what was sold was affordable health care for everyone. now as we begin to parce it out, we'll see if you are paying more than 9 1/2% and we have an irs ruehling on that, if you're paying more than 9 1/2% of your own coverage, then it's not affordable. that rule does not apply to spouses or dependents. so everyone is delighted and it's a great thing that there is coverage now up to age 26. but there is no federal protections, there is no federal caps, there is no federal limits about how much an employee will pay for that coverage. so under the law, ostensibly, an
5:48 am
employee could pay 20% of his or her income to pay for the children's health coverage. and some, including me, find that to be kind of really, really strange. we spent all this money, all this time and we don't know what's going to happen. we do know that people will be paying more if they have a family and if they have a spouse. there is not going to be any federal protection for them that is not above 9 1/2% of their income. >> brian: everyone seems to be paying more because for those who didn't have insurance, there is a promise that they will have insurance. >> there is, the truth is obama care, health care costs after the enactment of obamacare continued to increase. the cbo, a lot of health care experts, a lot of economists said that it will continue to
5:49 am
rise going forward without any end in sight. >> brian: because every insurance is there to pay for it. so the price will go up. peter johnson, jr., a look at some of the things that are going to be folded into your tax bill. thanks so much. >> happy new year. >> brian: welcome to 2013. on a different note, singles, are you tired of the dreaded dating scene? >> you have a card? look forward to hearing from you. >> wait, are you hearing from me or am i getting a call? >> we'll talk. we'll get in touch. >> brian: you're in luck because finding love on-line just got a whole lot easier. the ceo of eharmony joins us next. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer, fresh off his date with america on new year's eve. >> we haven't gone to bed yet. >> brian: you have not. i would not be surprised. i'll see you on radio in a little while. >> looking forward to that. >> brian: good to see you. >> i have a few topics to discuss with you. >> brian: right. will you actually get them out during your show?
5:50 am
>> i'm saving them fresh for you. i'll see you at 11:00 o'clock. >> okay. what does this deal mean to you? every american trying to figure out that this morning. we'll help you through it. stuart varney and charles payne take us through the numbers. steven haste, tucker carlson, republicans who voted no, what is their next move? we'll talk to them as well. it's all your money and it all matters. we'll see new ten minutes in the new year, 2013.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
>> juliet: did you resolve the dilemma in 2013. there are right ways and wrong ways to find the one. >> steve: here to help is dr. neil warren. he is the psychotherapist and
5:54 am
ceo and founder of and joins us from los angeles. good morning to you. >> good morning to you. >> steve: we know there are a lot of people who, up with of their resolutions is i'd like to maybe this would be the year that i find a significant other person. brian and my wife will not allow that. [ laughter ] >> brian: but they are looking. >> steve: there are a lot of people out looking right now. we've got some of the don'ts for finding love. first of all, don't assume it's easy. explain that. >> oh, it's one of the hardest things in the world to find that person you want to spend your whole life with for the rest of your life. and i think people underestimate what a challenge it is. at eharmony, we found there are 29 variables you have to pay attention to. if you don't pay attention to those, you could be in deep trouble. and i say to everybody, finding a great person is a greatest wio you. finding the wrong person is the
5:55 am
worst thing that could ever happen to you. >> juliet: i think you also have to be happy with being okay and being alone by yourself because if you're not, then you're going to be forced to settle because you just want to be with somebody. >> that's exactly right, juliet. the fact is that if you're not really pretty happy with yourself, you're not ready to get married because marriage requires an awful lot of inner security and you've got to be able to be authentically yourself and you can't be with somebody who forces you into being something you really aren't. so you're dead right on that one. >> brian: if you think you're perfect, look for somebody else who is perfect, no one who has anything wrong with them. correct? >> yeah. if two perfect people find each other, we will have something like heaven on earth. but i've never found it all my 40 years of being in psycho therapy. i've never found the perfect people.
5:56 am
but you want to find two people who have a lot of respect and admiration for each other and a lot of ability to listen and to give. barbara bush says, marriage is an 80-20 proposition. both people give 80% of the time. they take 20% of the time. it's an unselfish thing that makes a marriage work. you're not going to find anybody -- >> brian: so let's find more harmony in the dos. prioritize. for example, she's got to be hot. >> yeah, well. there is no getting around the fact that you want somebody with whom you have great chemistry. chemistry is just a must have. but what i have to confess to you at eharmony, we don't know how to match you for chemistry. chemistry is a mysterious thing. but it's an absolutely necessary thing. but it's not the only thing. there are 29 things that are really crucial. i'd say the next most important thing is to find somebody to
5:57 am
love who is a lot like you. you don't want to have to argue over every little thing. and you want to have values that are very similar. you want to have goals and aspirations. if you're really hard worker, you want to marry somebody who is a really hard worker. if you want ambition, you want somebody with ambition. >> juliet: again, that comes down to really understanding yourself and being rehonest with yourself and knowing who you are. the last thing you say is you got to decide if you really want to say i do. some people maybe just aren't cut out for marriage. >> that's exactly right. i love the way you talk. i wish that -- >> juliet: i have a lot of experience. >> brian: she's one of your clients. >> juliet: no, i'm not. >> brian: i'm only kidding. >> juliet: i would be if i was on-line dating. >> the fact is that if you're happy being single, it's easier being sinle. and if you're happier being married, then find the right person to marry. that's why i think we encourage
5:58 am
people to get into a situation like we have at eharmony where we do the matching for you. we don't let you go through a whole slew of people. we find the person who on these 29 variables is really the right person for you. we have had 565,000 marriages. >> juliet: that's crazy. that is unbelievable. >> steve: congratulations. all right, dr. neil warren from thank you very much. >> juliet: thank you. >> thank you for having me on. >> steve: happy new year. now we know brian only would stop people whose license plate was caliente. >> brian: back in two minutes >> announcer: 'tis the season of more-- more shopping, more dining out... and along with it, more identity theft. by the time this holiday season is over, an estimated 1.2 million identities may be stolen. every time you pull out your wallet, shop online or hit the road, you give thieves a chance
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to ruin your holiday. by the time you're done watching this, as many as 40 more identities may be stolen. you can't be on the lookout 24/7, but lifelock can. they're relentless about protecting your identity every minute of every day. when someone tries to take over your bank accounts, drain the equity in your home, or even tries to buy a car in your name, lifelock is on guard. and with lifelock's 24/7 alerts, they contact you by text, phone or email as soon as they detect suspicious activity in their network. lifelock wants you to be protected this holiday season, so they're giving you 60 days of protection risk-free. >> my years as a prosecutor taught me that you have to be proactive to protect yourself from crime, and that's especially true of identity theft. that's why i'm a member of lifelock. >> announcer: absolutely no one protects you better than lifelock, and they stand behind their protection with the power of their $1 million service guarantee. in fact, last year, lifelock

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